The Best White Rappers

White Rappers Who Won the Audience

Rap music has its origins in the African people and that’s why when you hear the word rap, it’s usually associated with black rappers who mostly perform it. However, rap became very popular very quickly and because of its way of performing and great lyrics that have very strong and strong messages, white rappers also appeared who also wanted to leave their messages.

Although rap originated within the black urban community, the majority of the audience that listens to this type of music comes from the white community. Therefore, it is normal that it was only a matter of time before white rappers appeared. Some of the first were the Beastie Boys, Vanilla Ice and others, and the greatest popularity was achieved by Eminem, who appeared in the 1990s. He became popular very quickly and for 10 years he was at the top of all rap music charts.

White Rappers

Hip hop is constantly transforming and has many genres. That’s why the market base is much larger than it was in previous years. That’s why there are more and more white men who have produced some of the biggest songs in the music industry. Rock and roll and pop music used to be popular, but with the advent of hip hop, rap music became extremely popular so that more and more white musicians chose this genre of music.

If you thought that there are only black rappers and that only they can make rap music, check out the list of the best white rappers who also left a big mark in this type of music.