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Being a Student and Employee: How to Balance It All

Recently, I was sitting in a room with people who had the same question: “How do you balance being a student and an employee?” And it’s not just me. It seems like every person nowadays has to juggle multiple responsibilities at once. Whether they are balancing school and work, or their social life and job, being able to manage your time is crucial for success. In this article, we will give you some tips on how you can be successful as a student and employee by managing your time wisely, so make sure to check out article from gruenderfreunde and learn more!

Article From Gruenderfreunde

First thing you should do is figure out your priorities. What is the most important thing to you at this moment in time? If it’s school, focus on that and do not let anything distract you from studying for exams or completing a paper due next week. Similarly, if work is what’s keeping you busy then try to spend as much of your day working! Make sure that when something comes up for either work or school (a meeting needs an extra person show up) you don’t go running off without thinking about how long will be gone before returning back to them

What I find helpful with balancing both my job and being a student are using apps like Google Calendar which has helped me organize things more efficiently. It really helps keep track of all my tasks so I never forget to do them.

I also recommend using a planner, such as the Bullet Journal. This is really helpful because I can list all my tasks that need to be done and when they are due in order for me to keep track of them on an ongoing basis. It’s great if you want to visualize when different things happen or what needs to get accomplished by a certain date so it doesn’t slip your mind.